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XLB-1400*5700*2 Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press Machine

Before making the final dispatch of the orders, the entire range is strictly checked against varied quality parameters. Bulk as well as retail order of the product can be fulfilled by us with ease. In addition, we guarantee to make delivery as per schedule.

Performance introduction :

  • It is controlled by PLC and touch screen for manual control and auto control. The auto control can realize many auto works such as mould closing, air exhausting, temperature control, vulcanization timing, alarming and discharging load when mould opening etc; the touch screen will timely show the temperature of the heating platen at each heating zone.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is made of ZG270-500, the ram is made of close-grained chilled alloy cast iron by casting and fine grinding; the hydraulic cylinder is well sealed by YX shape sealing ring.
  • The guard edge of heating platen adopts hydraulic pressure automatic prop up iron, under the function of four oil cylinder, the iron cushion at two sides of the lower platen will advance and retreat at the same time; there are anti-superpose iron cushion device at the two sides of platen.
  • There is a set of valve group of temperature adjuster on each heating area for the platen. Under the controlling of PLC, it can guarantee the even temperature of each heating area.
  • Hydraulic pressure system: We adopt the famous brand hydraulic pressure station from the domestic and abroad, under the controlling of PLC, it can realize the auto mould closing, air exhausting and load discharging when opening mould.

Technical Specifications

  Item XLB-1400X10000X1 XLB-1600X10000X2 XLB-1800X8000X2 XLB-1800X12000X2 XLB-2000X10000X1
Plate size(mm) 1400X10000 1600X10000 1800X8000 1800X120000 2000X10000
Total pressure(MN) 49 56 51 74 70
Pressure unit of platen 3.5 3.5 3.54 3.4 3.5
Ram. Dia. 450 450 600 500 600
Ram number 20 18 12 18 16
Max. ram stroke(mm) 300 400 600 400 300
Clamping force(MN) 0.9 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Tensioning force(MPA) 0.8 1.1 1 1.1 1
Steam pressure(MPA) 0.63 0.63 0.63 0.63 0.63
Pressure of cooling water(MPA) 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Control system PLC PLC PLC PLC PLC

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