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Rubber Sheet Cooling Machine (Batch Off)

We are a Shandong(China) based organization involved in offering high quality products to the clients. Online payment processing that we offer is secure, instant and hassle free. The transaction is immediately forwarded to the payment system and it accepts credit, purchase, and PINless debit cards.


Detailed Product Description

  • The electric control system uses PLC control
  • Highly automatic and reliable
  • Applicable pcaiece specification (t*w ):(4-12


Applicable specification of slab(mm) (4-12)600(900)
Power supply(V/Hz) 380/50
Compressed air pressure (Mpa) 0.4-0.8
Max. liner speed of receiving conveyor(m/min) 40
Moving speed of hanging rods(m/min) 0.117-0.75
Max. hanging height of slab(mm) 1400
Max. swing range(adjustable)(m) 1.3
Swing frequency (m/min) 13
Reducer motor for cooling device XWD1.1-4-1/29
Reducer motor for lifting device XWD2.2-4-6/35
Reducer motor for hanging rods XWD5.5-85-1/595
Reducer motor for conveyor XWD3-5-1/23
Reducer motor for bottom swing device XWD1.1-5-1/87

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