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Rubber Paver Tile Vulcanizing Press

The product offered is strictly in compliance with the International Standards and Norms. The company is deeply rooted in Shandong(China) and is acknowledged for its fair pricing policy and professional attitude.

Details :

  • Conching : Put the rubber granulates and stain into the stirring barrel to stir, and then put into the adhesive to stir.this process requires for 4- 6 minutes ( because the adhesive is easy to cure, so stir it when use ).
  • Weighing raw materials : weight the rubber granulates stirred, according to the granulates' thickness  requirement of the tiles .
  • Paving and pressing : Paving the rubber granulates weighted on the mold, then floated it by trowel. Firstly paving the surface rubber granulates which is fine and color, then the thickness and black.
  • Vulcanization molding : Covering anti adhesion cloth, pushing the mold into vulcanizer to vulcanize, the time of vulcanization accord to the thickness of the rubber tiles, in general, 3-8inutes finished. After that, Mold separate automatic, then remove floor tile on the shelves to dry.


Type XLB-D550*550*4 XLB-D680*810*3
Total pressure(MN) 0.5 1
Plate size(mm) 550*550*45()Q235) 680*810*60
Plate clearance(mm) 150 150
Working layer number 4 3
Piston stroke(mm) 400 -
Motor power(kw) 3 -
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 2200*900*2200 400
Weight(kg) 3600 3

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