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Rubber Batch Off Cooling Machine

Due to the capacious and well-maintained storage unit, we keep a large stock in a safe place to ensure complete safety. This unit also helps us in maintaining high quality standards. Owing to our excellent Shandong(China), we efficiently make on-time deliveries to the customers.


Application of Batch-off units : Main function of the unit is to cool rubber strip coming either from two-roll mill or from roller-die calender and stacking of cooled rubber sheet on palette. Rubber sheet comes into the batch-off unit entry (dip tank/soaking bath), where separation solution is applied, then is cooled in cooling tunell, captured by gripping equipment and pulled on the feeding conveyor. Feeding conveyor moves cooled rubber sheet through cutting equipment onto stacking equipment. Cooled rubber sheet is put on palette in wig-wag stacking or by plates. When given weight or height of stacked rubber sheet is achieved, full palette is replaced by empty one.
Why Choose  from Lanhang :

  • Since1992, with more than 20 years' professional experience
  • Overseas service center available (in Europe, Japan, Dubai, etc.)
  • International CE, SGS, IAF, CNAS certification
  • National high-tech enterprise / products
  • Various National Patent for Inventions Letters for rubber & plastic machinery
  • ISO9001:2008 management.

Working Environment :

  • Max temperature 40oC
  • Min temperature 5oC
  • Max RH 85%,
  • Power 380/220±10%V,
  • Water pressure - 0.3Mpa,
  • Air pressure - 0.6-0.8Mpa

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