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Plate Vulcanizing Press Machine & Rubber Vulcanizer

Engaged in the trade of supplying the excellent product range, we are efficiently operating from Shandong(China). With our brilliant logistics network, we can furnish urgent and massive requirements of the buyers with ease.


Plate Vulcanizer : is the machinery which produce all of kinds of rubber products, and thermosetting plastic like as related specifications aseling products, projected rubber, rubber plate and so on. this kind machinery has three types of frame type, pillar type, and jaw type(for some round rubber products). It is economical, advantage of compact structure, high working pressure, high producing efficiency,. Operation is safe and reliable. Also we can provide all kinds of sizes, types, and operation ways according to the customer’s request.
Frame Type Plate : vulcanizing press is used for pressing rubber products and thermosetting plastic products, andalso be used to make seals, project rubber and rubber plate, rubber sheet, rubber waterstop, Air Spring, BridgeBearing etc.  High unit pressure ensures good rubber products quality. Based on different products, the machines can be equipped with model pulling and pushing device to reduce manual labor. Manual control, electrical control and PLC control is optional.

Note :

  • The machines with its frame structure, is easy to handle and convenient to use. The two deckle boards, with its holistic processing, are of the same size. This ensures no error on the depth of parallelism; the up and down platforms, are processed after being distressed and annealed. This helps keep its shape. The hot plates, being ground finished, ensures an error of less than 0.01. And it can be lifted and lowered with quickly or slowly according to the customers’ requirements
  • The main parts, pistons, are made of cold and hard alloys, abrasion index can reach 100%. With a main oil seal, its service life can reach 5 years without change.
  • Operation modes of this machine can be divided into manual and automatic mode. The heating methods can be divided into electric heating and hot oil heating.

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