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Large Frame Type Tyre Tread Press

Our organization is renowned as reliable distributor in the industry and based in the well-connected state of Shandong(China). Consider our name for acquiring qualitative products in any quantity, safe and time-bound deliveries are what we ensure.


This machine consists of heating plate, cylinder, piston, electrical cabinet, hydraulic station,etc. It is widely used to produce various kinds of rubber products such as o ring, seals, gasket, tiles, mat, etc.

Main Features

  • The machine is automatic control type , it can realize function of mold open and close, exhausting, auxiliary pressure, alarming, etc.
  • The heating temperature can be set in the electrical cabinet.
  • The vulcanizing time can be set in the electrical cabinet.
  • The exhausting times can be set in the electrical cabinet.
  • The piston and cylinder can resist the 20 Mpa hydraulic system pressure.


Model XLB-635*1125 /320 Ton
Mold closing force 320 Ton
Heating plate size 635*1125*60mm
Working clearance  300mm
Working layer  2
Piston stroke 600mm
Motor power 3 kw 

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