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Frame Structure Rubber Floor Mats Vulcanizing Press

Based in Shandong(China), we are listed amidst the most celebrated names offering a spectrum of products. We meticulously pack the entire lot for ensuring safe and secure deliveries across the boundaries.


Application : This machine is usedfor pressing all kinds of rubber model products,rubber plate,thermosetting plastic,and so on. Also can be used as common hydraulic machine,this machine is structured of pillar type bottom cylinder curing,it adopts hydraulic drive,electric relay control,the curing time and pressure can be adjusted,So it has economical advantage of compact structure,high working pressure,high producing efficiency,Operation is safe and reliable,Also we can provide hand control and electric controll as customer"s request .

  • The body use frame/column type, mainly consist of top crossing, plate, table, piston, hydraulic cylinder and frame. We put asbestos board between plate and top crossing, table, for its good heat insulation. Use polyurethane material sealing ring between piston and hydraulic cylinder with good sealing property. The piston material is chilled cast iron, hydraulic cylinder material isductile cast iron, weldment between top and bottom crossing.
  • Put holder and oil cylinder at the side of plate, push-off and reseting moulds are finished by oil cylinder moving when using. There is not ejecting holder in manual ejecting mould structure ,but still convenient when using.
  • Hydraulic system is consist of unipump, operating valve and control system.
  • Electric system is consist of oil pump motor and vulcanizing timing. When working pressure reach 22.1 mpa, electro connecting pressure gauge control, time relay on the faceplate is used for setting vulcanizing time.  When reach the setting time, it will warn automatically,  push TA button can remove warning.

Main uses : The Curing Press mainly works for the clampdown of rubber, which can be used as normal hydraulic machine. We have both column and frame structure.

Advantages :

  • Simple and convenient structure, flexible operation,commodious space. The cylinder and plunger are made up of high-quality materials.
  • Hydraulic station and electric cabinet are Located in both sides of the main engine.
  • Conveniently operated.
  • Without oil spilling or off pressure.
  • Excellent reputation.

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